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Keisha “Bussa” Taylor is happy as hell to be graduating from Miles College. Coming from Tulane Court in Montgomery, she’d moved to Birmingham when her high school sweetheart and then dope boy, Ra’el “Magnum” King, had broken her heart. She found herself stripping to pay her way through school and, on her last night her past comes looking for her. When tragedy strikes at the strip club, Bussa finds herself back in Montgomery looking for work. Taking a chance, she gets accepted into the Police Academy, and may end up going after the one man who once had her heart. READ MORE

When the young and sexy FBI Agent, Grace Moore, gets the opportunity to interview a suspected drug lord, she jumps at the chance. From the moment she lays eyes on Donovan Richard’s file, something about him draws her in. Soon, she will realize that Donovan is unlike any other suspect she’s ever pursued. Handling his case with the same professionalism she’s handled others will be the challenge of her life.

Donovan Richards is no stranger to disappointment, but he’s made up his mind that his life won’t end the way it began—poor and alone. Love has eluded his grasp, until now. Grace has stormed into his life, and he wants nothing more than to make her his in every way imaginable. Unfortunately, Grace is intent on digging into the details of his sordid past to ensure a conviction against him.

In a matter of just seven days, Grace finds herself having to choose between her heart and her career. And Donovan is fighting to keep his freedom that can be snatched away by the woman he’s fallen for.

Can Grace handle this case like she would any other? Or will Donovan convince her to abandon her oath and give love a chance?

Delilah’s back!!!
And she’s got a score to settle. After spending ninety days in jail, she’s out for blood! Blaming Sheila for ruining her life, she devises a plan to get revenge on the entire Price family – Sheila, Tyrone, and Tammy. But her plans are derailed when her past comes to find her.

Sheila, Tammy, and Tyrone just want to go on with their lives and forget they ever knew Delilah. Their plan to open the Mojo Lounge is coming through and soon they will take the Gump by storm. But Delilah isn’t making it easy. She shakes the very foundation their happily ever after is built on and she won’t let up until someone is dead or she’s back in jail.

Will Delilah get to see her enemy’s blood spill? Or will the Prices to get away with their lives and sanity, and erase Delilah from their lives forever?
In the finale of The Billionaire Wives Club, Ronan attempts to right his wrongs by spending a part of his fortune on Ruby. After his brush with death, Ruby comes back to him, but she's only there in the flesh. Her heart and soul are miles away. No matter how much money Ronan throws at their problems, nothing seems to be able to restore their love back to its purest form. The closer Ronan draws near to her, the further away she drifts into the consoling arms of Darryl Nichols.

Is the once fairytale ending for the perfect couple just that, a fairytale that's ended now that real life has set in? Will the love they once had for each other bring them closer or will the sweet kisses, soft tongue, and enduring and understanding arms of the other man, Darryl Nichols, help to bring Ruby closure and close the Ronan chapter in her life's book?

Thirteen months after walking away from Jay Wilcox who was the love of her life, a promising counseling career and a God who allowed it all to go so horribly wrong, Chelle Williams is damaged but determined to get her life back on track. She’s standing on the fact that “love don't live here anymore” and focused on becoming a breakout author on the writing scene.

Even though Chelle trying to leave her past behind, it seems to be seeking her out. From Jay’s relentless pursuit of a second chance, haunting nightmares of her abusive upbringing, and mysterious messages and gifts that quickly become dangerous, there appears to be no light at the end of tunnel, until a ruggedly handsome Jackson Wellington is assigned to be the detective on her case. Their attraction is instant, but the circumstances are not right and Chelle’s heart is surely not ready...
Mia has a serious dilemma…
Spending time with Kane has proven that he is not the toxic bachelor Tinley said he was. Now that Mia knows that he really is a man of integrity that loves her to no end, she has to decide how she is going to get out of writing the "toxic bachelor" article and explain to Kane that she is not the woman he initially thought she was. Except every time an opportunity presents itself, she can’t find the words to tell him that she has deceived him.

Will Kane be able to love the real Mia once she can no longer hide her deception, or will their happily ever after be over before it officially begins?

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